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FairWear Campaign Australia

FairWear is a network of community organisations, community members and activists working to eliminate the exploitation of sweatshop workers and home-based outworkers in the Australian clothing industry.

We aim to assist workers in the Australian clothing industry to secure a living wage, to obtain safe and healthy working conditions, and to organise for their workplace rights. We do this by educating the community about working conditions in the clothing industry; encouraging consumers to take action; lobbying for better legal protections for clothing workers; putting pressure on companies to pay fair wages; as well as working with home-based outworkers to help ensure their voices are heard.

Contact FairWear Campaign:

New South Wales – email:

post: PO Box 253 Bankstown NSW 1885

Victoria – email:

post: 130 Lt Collins St Melbourne Vic 3000

post: PO Box 8066 Station Arcade Adelaide 5000

South Australia – email:

Queensland – email:

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