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Adithi Bihar, North India

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Adithi was founded by Viji Srinavasan in 1980 to work with rural women and girls in Bihar (which at that time included Jharkand, now a separate state). You can read an article by Viji about the work of Adithi here.

Adithi-Dumra and Drishti

Adithi Dumra is one of the many organisations set up under the Adithi umbrella.  Based in the North of Bihar, in Sitamarhi, the district on the border with Nepal, Adithi Dumra has been mobilising the poorest rural women to organise themselves into action groups to bring about change in their lives.

Adithi Dumra has registered a new organisation, Drishti, which aims to carry forward the work of the women’s groups and their federation in Sitamarhi and neighbouring districts of Bihar.

For an account of the work of Adithi-Dumra see here.

For information on Drishti see here.





Adithi, I.A.S. Colony of West Canal,
Off Bailey Road,
Patna – 801503,

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