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 The Federation of Homeworkers Worldwide exists to build solidarity between homeworker organisations across the world. Too often homeworkers remain unseen, invisible and marginalised. It is only by coming together and building collective strength that homeworkers can demand the rights and recognition that they, in common with all other workers, are entitled to.

The vast majority of homeworkers are women working informally without basic rights and protections. FHWW stands in solidarity with other organisations representing women workers and informal workers.

Homeworker organisations can take many forms, and the Federation is made up of a collection of unions, self-help groups, associations and support organisations.

The Federation was launched by a group of organisations that worked together for a number of years, as part of an international mapping programme. At the end of the mapping programme, in 2004, participants at an international workshop expressed their desire to maintain links and build an active federation.

FHWW was formally launched on May 1st 2006 when organisations of homeworkers in three continents held meetings and marched to demand recognition and rights as workers.

Viji Srinavasan

Viji Srinavasan by Maja Medic Viji Srinavasan (1938-2005) was one of the founders of the Federation. A tireless activist for women’s rights, her work was concentrated in Bihar and Jharkand in India, but her vision for justice encompassed women across the world.

Founder of Adhiti, Viji was instrumental in the work that led to the establishment of the Federation. Viji passed away in 2005, and is warmly remembered as a lifelong fighter for women’s rights.

You can read more about Viji and her dedication to women’s rights and equality in this interview. Photo credit: Viji Srinavasan by Maja Medic.

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